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Patricia Arèvalo New York-born designer began in 2008 debuting her four- piece collection at Sedona Hoboken, New Jersey. Arèvalo's desire began in Ecuador where she was raised, grew up in a household with parents in the fashion design manufacturing and entrepreneur industry, for many years working side by side with them in pattern making, sewing and selling their lines from their formal “Leo Fashion” company. She moved to her birth place NYC, where Patricia became manager , buyer and merchandiser of Gatita Fashion for six years. Arèvalo's passion for fashion allowed her to express colors, shapes and style displaying merchandise for three years at all New York Look and Dinuccio accessory boutiques .

Aré Handbags are handcrafted in her formal home Ecuador and by a Colombian team of local artisans with a remarkable ability of ancestral origin and deep desire to achieve the highest quality. Quality exclusivity, authenticity and timeless are the trademarks of true luxury. Theses, along with a combination of dreaminess and rigor, are the pillars of the ARÉ brand.

Designer Patricia Arévalo and her team are creators that adapts rare and unique materials with bold colors into must-have accessories. Today Patricia Arèvalo business woman and mother of one made a courageous choice to go into business. As a young Latin woman knew firsthand what she needed to succeed. Drawing from what Patricia knew best, the inspiration of her native country, she created handbags that celebrate the natural beauty and rich culture of Ecuador. With creative spirit and keen attention to detail, she has carefully grown and developed her own brand. In addition to innovation design, the fundamental virtue of distinctive craftsmanship is what sets Patricias’ collection apart.



"You are contributing to the repopulation program of the caiman species, under the supervision of the Colombian Ministry of Natural Resources and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). All products are part of a sustainable use program that benefit people and wildlife and contribute to breed another animal into the wildlife".